Topic: Love

The Power of Love

Love is a foundation of our church and Unitarianism. I will share how LOVE has influenced my personal spiritual path.  I will include references from Ancient Wisdom and traditional religious literature.

Universalism: A Love that Will Not Let Us Go

Many UUs are more acquainted with Unitarian than Universalist origins of this denomination, even as Universalism was one of the most popular American denominations in the early nineteenth century. Countering Calvinism’s threat of a “hellfire and brimstone” God, our Universalist ancestors understood God as Love. Today, how can we live out our Universalist roots of … Continue reading Universalism: A Love that Will Not Let Us Go

1619, not 1776

Here during Black History Month, let’s consider origin stories. There has been much press the past few years about identifying the founding date of the United States not as 1776, instead as 1619, the year the first African slave ship arrived on the shores of Virginia. This view acknowledges the slavery and racism which has been … Continue reading 1619, not 1776

Putting Love at the Center

Unitarian Universalism is grounded on common values, not common beliefs, values defined in Article II of the UUA Bylaws, last revised in 1985. All UUs are encouraged to learn about the proposed revision of Article II. The revision statement places Love as the central, core value on which the other six values — pluralism, interdependence, … Continue reading Putting Love at the Center