Topic: The Gift of Generosity

Remembering the Meaning of Thanksgiving

Today in our multi-generational Thanksgiving service we are reminded of the importance of sharing, not only at Thanksgiving but all the year through. We will hold a Bread Communion to remember the earliest rituals of Giving Thanks in colonial American history. Bring in your favorite … read more.

Gratitude in Deeply Listening

I love the poem that begins, “When someone deeply listens to you, it is like holding out a dented cup you have had since childhood and watching it fill up with cold fresh water.” Deep listening is rewarding not only for the speaker but also … read more.

Gratitude: The Easiest Way to be Happy

The state of gratitude results from demonstrating compassion for one another: being connected to others, we respond with gratitude for this process of being alive and being connected with other humans. Being grateful is a process of showing ourselves — letting ourselves be known to … read more.