Topic: Welcome

Welcoming Repentance

The High Holy Days on the Jewish calendar, between Rosh Hashana (this year on September 15) and Yom Kippur (September 24), are a perfect time to begin UUFD’s participation in the current UUA Common Read, a new book by Danya Ruttenberg, Repentance and Repair. Ruttenberg … read more.

Welcoming Covenant

Let’s reflect on one of the surest gestures of “welcome,” that of covenant. Covenants are promises for how we live together, how we walk together sharing common values on this path called Life.

Living well in covenant is core to belonging to this free faith of … read more.

Welcoming Joy

The worship theme for September is “Welcome.” Gestures of Welcome signal belonging, as to a community, to activities, to common values. We reach out our hands to offer welcome to others, just as we accept their welcoming of us.

This is In-Gathering Sunday, the traditional start … read more.

We’ve Always Been Here

Rev Jen Simon

Many of us have gotten into the unfortunate habit of referring to Unitarian Universalism as a “white religion,” but people of color have been Unitarians, Universalists, and Unitarian Universalists all along.  Rev. Jen will explore how BIPOC UUs and their contributions are an … read more.