In Praise of Frolicking

This sermon title may sound frivolous, but overwork is a serious issue from many points of view – medical, spiritual, and even political.  In the 1950s, futurists were predicting a four-day work week and a surplus of leisure time.  They worried about that: what would people do with all that spare time?  Decades later, this was a non-issue; the average workweek had been extended by nine hours.  Are there ways to restore a balance between work and play, and increase our delight quotient?  

Sue Redfern Campbell retired from full-time, active ministry in 2018 and continues to serve as a UU interim minister. Ordained in 1985, Sue came to ministry from the practice of law.  She’s a graduate of the University of Michigan, Boston University, Harvard Divinity School, and Episcopal Divinity School.  Since 2012 she has lived in Albuquerque with her many books, houseplants, and a feisty gray rescue cat named Phoenix.