Topic: Delight

In Praise of Frolicking

This sermon title may sound frivolous, but overwork is a serious issue from many points of view – medical, spiritual, and even political.  In the 1950s, futurists were predicting a four-day work week and a surplus of leisure time.  They worried about that: what would people do … read more.

Truthiness and Atonement

Several years ago the comedian Colbert coined the term “truthiness:” that is, truth which is determined by intuition and perception without regard to evidence, facts, or logic. In contrast, how might we practice and promote conversation grounded in substance and reliability? What might we learn … read more.

The Story of Membership

I wonder if anyone has heard stories about Unitarian Universalism being an “anything goes” sort of religion, or that Unitarian Universalists don’t need to believe in anything. Let’s reframe those “anything goes” stories, to consider a constructive framework which defines free religion and membership in … read more.