Topic: Resistance

Resistance: Stand Against Bullying

Join the children and youth in this multigen service to explore the difficulties of bullying and how to approach it with love and resistance. Presented through music, readings, and a skit, they explore how emotions interact with a bully’s choices and the complexity of how hurt can be displayed. With this new perspective on the … Continue reading Resistance: Stand Against Bullying

Easter Sunday: Many Resurrections, Many Renewals

As the earth awakens from winter cold and darkness, we experience many renewals, many paths to new life. In this multi-generational service, we celebrate seasonal renewal through music, story, and spoken message. We also celebrate the centennial of the traditional UU Flower Ceremony, created by Unitarian Capek. Bring flowers to create community bouquets and take … Continue reading Easter Sunday: Many Resurrections, Many Renewals

Whether to Growth?

When I hear congregations express a desire to grow, this usually means growing in membership. However, congregations cannot just will growth in numbers. Greater numbers is nurtured by other types of growth: spiritual deepening, organizational maturity, and outreach to the community. Sometimes growth in number is met by either explicit or implicit resistance. Growth of … Continue reading Whether to Growth?