Topic: Wonder

Christmas Eve Candlelighting Service: 4 pm

Come, join this holiday tradition. Bring friends and family to this multi-generational service of Lessons and Carols of the season. Music and readings will be offered by UUFD’s members and friends of all ages, followed by the traditional candlelighting ceremony.

Bring holiday treats for a … read more.

Peace, Joy, and Ho, Ho, Ho!

Once upon a time, there was a family reunion at the UUFD Bed and Breakfast where all the members of the family gathered for a festival and the most blessed of events, the birth of a baby.  So many arrived, in fact, there was no … read more.

The Welcome Presence of Darkness

Sometime in our binary way of thinking about the world, we associate ‘light’ with ‘good’ and ‘dark’ with ‘bad.’ Let’s up-end this thinking by considering darkness as an important component of spiritual deepening and renewal.

Let’s explore how we can find mindfulness and renewal in … read more.