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Election Opportunity

The Environmental Justice Team encourages us to act on the slogan “Think globally, act locally.” 

Ballots for the upcoming LPEA Co-op board election start arriving May 17th.

Let’s all vote for the candidates who will promote increased renewable energy!

Watch for Scams!

BEWARE – Please watch carefully for scam emailers or text messages impersonating the minister, staff, or a congregant. 

DO NOT REPLY or send money or gift cards to anyone asking for “help” or “needing funds.” 

If you would like to send a donation to help our members in … read more.

Covenant Groups Forming (and Re-forming!)

Ready to Join a Covenant Group?

You know you’ve been thinking about it. Now is the time to join one of our most important ministries at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Durango.

Covenant Groups are deep listening groups where topics are explored in a safe and … read more.

Foster Kids Support

Did you know that when children are moved into, or sometimes between, foster care homes they often have very little or no possessions to take with them? And if they do, they may be carried in a plastic garbage bag? This can add to the trauma of … read more.

The Grief Center of Southwest Colorado

Recently we learned the Grief Center, a nonprofit providing help to underserved in the Four Corners area, is urgently seeking funding to expand their services. They are seeing a large increase in referrals as they begin to see those affected by loss to COVID, a recent … read more.

The Future of Faith Formation at UUFD

A Letter from Our Interim Director of Faith Formation, Sara Sautter

As you know, I will be leaving you this summer after two years serving as your interim. By the time I leave, you will have hired a new, permanent religious educator with a new job … read more.

Coronavirus Vaccine Forum

On February 18, we held a forum with local experts to discuss the coronavirus vaccine. Watch the video to learn all about it.