Topic: Summer Series

Nature and the Human Spirit

What can we learn from our connection to nature and the need for good stewardship? There’s the human spirit that is renewed and fulfilled by wilderness vs our selfish “human nature” that seems to be bent on global destruction with overpopulation, overconsumption of resources, and environmental degradation. We seem locked in a race between self-destruction … Continue reading Nature and the Human Spirit

A Calling Walk

My life had been held down by judgment, a haunting sense of unworthiness, and mired by co-dependence; yet my truer self longed to emerge and kept calling me onward. I journeyed through various stages of recognition, doing deep inner work, and began the life-long process of unleashing a truer self. Through finding companions akin to … Continue reading A Calling Walk

Logic, Emotion and Intuition: A Search for Balance

Since the time of the Greeks, Western philosophy has privileged the use of logic and evidence over emotion in our decision-making process and in our personal lives. But can the two be so easily separated? And where does intuition fit into the equation?