Equal Exchange = A Different Way of Doing Business

Our Fellowship has been selling Equal Exchange fairly traded items since August 2007. The sale of fairly traded items is a way to support marginalized farmers, primarily in less developed countries.  It contributes to alleviating poverty and injustice in the world, and says to others we may never meet that we believe in their right to a sustainable living; we are willing to pay for the real cost of a cup of coffee, chocolate, cocoa, chocolate candy bars, dried strips of pineapple, teas, and extra virgin organic olive oil.

All products are ordered through a long-standing collaboration between the UU Service Committee and Equal Exchange. EE purchases from co-ops/small farmers that grow organic products in a sustainable way, offers help with small loans and guarantees a fair price.  The farmers are rarely in a position to compete with large farming corporations.

Our own UUFD Fair Trade coffee and chocolate sales for the calendar year 2015 totaled $4,190.00
Thank you for your support and your purchases. We thank Susana Jones, and recently A.J. Schenk, for helping sell the items.