News from Rev Barbara Coeyman

Important Changes to the Schedule for “Repentance and Repair: Courage to Covenant Workshop,” and Transition Team Town Hall

UUFD’s Transition Team and Rev. Barbara will lead a series of small-group conversations to explore the new UUA Common Read, On Repentance and Repair by Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg. These conversations will invite us to deepen our understanding of “covenant,” especially what it means to live as a covenanted community and engage in repair after conflict.

Please note these changes to the original schedule for this project. The Transition Team Town Hall originally scheduled for Sunday, September 10, has been postponed until this Sunday, September 17, after the worship service and social time, 11:30 – 12:30 in the Sanctuary. We will open the Town Hall with an introduction and/or review of the shared ministry of the Transition Team. The Team and Rev. Barbara will also explain their important fall project, conversations about “Courage to Covenant.”

We encourage everyone to participate in this project. See this link for more information, including registration for a conversation time. Please note that the first conversations in this program will begin the week of October 1, following the cancellation of the first round this past week. Also know that paperback copies of On Repentance and Repair are on their way to Durango from the UUA Bookstore: stay tuned for how you can obtain a copy.