Speaker: Rev. Munro Sickafoose

Pinesong Retreat

As it is Pinesong Weekend, there will be no service today at UUFD’s Durango campus.

Building community and awareness around our responses to climate change – Today’s worship is part of our Summer Series, “Coping with the Climate Crisis.”

Rev. Munro will conduct Vespers and … read more.

Love and Rockets

Our humanist roots are sourced deep in the Enlightenment. What did happiness, reverence, hope, and reason mean to those who lived and thought in that time? How do they inform Unitarian Universalists today?

Rev Munro – Zoom

Flower Communion

One of our most cherished Unitarian Universalist rituals, Flower Communion celebrates beauty, human uniqueness, diversity, and community.

Please bring a flower to share and join us in this celebration of life!

Rev Munro – in person

The Red and the Green

I’m not talking about chile! I’m talking about that suppressed and marginalized holiday, May Day. May Day represents two very subversive ways of thinking and being in the world, the red and the green. The red is for the struggles of working people to organize … read more.

Holy Fools and Crazy Wisdom

Religious and spiritual traditions around the world have long cherished holy fools, tricksters, and sacred clowns. What can we learn from them and these archetypal figures?

Lunchtime Sharing Circle with Rev. Munro to follow worship at 12:30 pm. Bring your lunch or snack and camp chair … read more.

The First Unitarians

Unitarian history goes back a long way. Our tradition is deeply grounded in reason and religious tolerance, concepts that were once radical, and are under attack again today by the same kinds of forces that attacked them then. 


Many of our social challenges are complex predicaments that are not easily solved, if they can be ‘solved’ at all. Many solutions create more problems than resolutions. But what if thinking we have solutions is part of the problem?

How to Bless the World

One of the meanings of “to bless” is to sanctify or make holy, but traditional religious language and practices can be challenging for Unitarian Universalists. Nevertheless, giving blessings is a necessary and important part of our lives, or should be. Let’s … read more.

Welcoming the Stranger

How do we navigate our values in a time of xenophobia and extreme tribalism? What does radical hospitality look like? How deep does our generosity extend to those not of our tribe? There are no easy answers.  As one of my teachers … read more.